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Archive | October, 2011

Cheap little job to do


It’s a clock that’s come back from a previous service that I did. It may be my fault for giving it the quick horolene bath treatment. The thing is, it is the cheapest, feeblest mass produced clock I have ever seen. It came to me with not much wrong with it. It just struggled going. But as the movement sat there for a week or two on my dresser table various other things kept sneaking up on me, some were quite perplexing. Well whats happening now is the chiming side does not want to go. I think (I hope) it is just the levers catching on each other. They are so thin and flimsy. So the movement is coming out of its case for the umpteenth time.
The big question: do I replace the three springs? In a clock not worth £10.

Family heirloom clock


A 1940’s german mantle clock.

My dad gave this to me recently. It was completely black inside, dust, cobwebs, the lot. I have given it a proper service. I took my time examining the pivot holes, side-shake, escapement, etc. It has polished up lovely apart from the barrels as I have not checked the springs yet. But I will. It is now (as you see) on test, out of its case.

It is quite a good little movement. The anchor is the solid polished type. Everything on it works good and uncomplicated.

I have oiled it correctly and synchronised the chiming side correctly.

There’s still a little hiccup with the strike… maybe its not warning right. But its too late in the day now to investigate.

The chassis


After a few evenings I have my chassis assembled tight.

I milled square, two pieces of engraving brass – 5″ x 6 3/8″.

I found the centre datum line and ‘registered’ the plates together using small taper pins.

The pillars are 3″ long and have a spigot both ends.

One spigot gets faced off for a 4 B.A tapped hole, the other gets rounded off for ‘quick release’ taper pins. Each pillar is made for each hole respectively, I give a small, hidden mark to signify pillars l, ll, lll, and lV.

Spot through the plates with a centre bit then clamp it all down real tight to stop it grabbing as the pillar-drill pops through.

I’ve made rings to decorate the pillars.

I made the steel screws and brass washers.