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Archive | November, 2011

Clock tweaks


What you see here is the new sprocket I made for Little Clock.

I made it up as I went along as I had no plans on how to make one and stripping and measuring an old one seemed too complicated. I dont like the look of the antique ones. I think they are a bit ugly. Mine is nice and sharp and simple.

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Well the Cuckoo clock goes back tomorrow. You can see the last tweak to this clock – a small casting I made to add to the pendulum.

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This was from a few weeks back I thought I’d post it for the sake of it.

Little clock



So far, this clock has taken about seven full days work, not including the theory and design stage. It started off as simply being escapement practice. I was going to make a recoil escapement in a little frame all on its own with a weight hanging on to keep it ticking, for the purpose of seeing easily and being able to explain to non-clockies about how the heart of a timepiece works.

Well, then I couldn’t resist it, the thought had to cross my mind of – What is the simplest, easiest gear train to bring me to an hour hand? It could then be a single hander and have a happier purpose in life. To my surprise a very nice gear ratio worked out to actually include a minute arbor along the way, so without motionwork I will have both hands telling the time correctly. The odd thing is (obviously) if I have the minute wheel turning the hour wheel immediately, one of them will be going backwards. So to keep in the ‘strictly simple’ theme I opted to have the hour wheel AS the hour dial – going in reverse with a fixed pointer.

Well like I say this has taken seven days but those days have been spread over most of the year. I was struggling finding a name for this clock, which started out as The valentine clock because thats the day I started construction. But it has settled on being called Little Clock. Because I have a big clock and this is smaller in lots of ways. It kind of reminds me of the Galileo clock, his first design using a pendulum.

Also as this clock first started as a practise exercise I decided to include other techniques that I am rusty on; I had not before made lantern pinions, I had not made regulator style wheels and I had not made or dealt with chain drive before. I have not thought yet of what base or pedestal it will sit on. I think there will be a phase two after its complete sometime in the future. I may put a deadbeat escapement in (just for practice) I may put on a little brass bell with a passing strike. And for now I’m not going to fit in a ratchet. The weight will have to be lifted off with its hook.

Cuckoo clock


Well I have two clocks on test, they seem happy. I have my longcase clock still to finish and my experimental clock still to finish. I have two watches with easy repairs to do. I have a difficult watch repair coming in and yesterday I picked up a cuckoo clock for repair. I have not looked at it yet but even though it’s low priority I may tackle it this afternoon.