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The chassis


After a few evenings I have my chassis assembled tight.

I milled square, two pieces of engraving brass – 5″ x 6 3/8″.

I found the centre datum line and ‘registered’ the plates together using small taper pins.

The pillars are 3″ long and have a spigot both ends.

One spigot gets faced off for a 4 B.A tapped hole, the other gets rounded off for ‘quick release’ taper pins. Each pillar is made for each hole respectively, I give a small, hidden mark to signify pillars l, ll, lll, and lV.

Spot through the plates with a centre bit then clamp it all down real tight to stop it grabbing as the pillar-drill pops through.

I’ve made rings to decorate the pillars.

I made the steel screws and brass washers.

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