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Clock restoration

barrelsBelvoir Clocks offer a full clock restoration service covering all aspects – movements, dials and cases of clocks, and tubes, mechanisms and casework of barometers. The work is carried out in our own workshop by an experienced craftsman.

The restoration process

By and large the same process is observed for each and every clock. And the process is started with providing a serial number and a worksheet. Then the clock is assessed. All parts are observed and how they relate to each other, noting if anything is missing or damaged to a great extent. The clock is then quickly disassembled, the mainsprings removed, measured and replacements ordered if necessary.

Then the pivots are polished mostly using the traditional way of polishing by hand, rebushed where necessary taking care to leave beautiful oilsinks. Then all parts are washed in ammoniated solution, dried, polished and then reassembly begins.

New taperpins are used, all existing screws are retained but are tried to be bought up nice and polished. The clock is then lubricated correctly and put on test so that it can be regulated.

The ethos

Belvoir Clocks offer a single flat rate fee of £350 to service any clock. Your clock is your valuable heirloom. It has sentimentality and deserves to be cared for. Clocks live longer than we do so therefore we are the custodians and caretakers of these beautiful machines.

“I repair one clock at a time and when it is on test, it is on my mantlepiece – not left outside in a cold workshop. The case, dial, and movements are sympathetically restored. Do not expect a bright yellow mirrored brass finish as to do this requires removal of metal. It is to be washed with an environmentally friendly solution. The movements are completely stripped, every part is carefully washed, the wear is repaired, it is reassembled and lubricated. This takes me about four days work to do. And then there is a couple of weeks testing and regulating” – Craig 

About Craig Todd

An experienced craftsman, Craig has been making and restoring clocks for many years, having trained under some of the best in the industry.

“Very happy with the service” – Grant Shortland, Cropwell Butler

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