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The last post was a bit negative, so here’s a better one…

pocket1 pocket2

Let’s start with a list of achievements. # The day I took the Gomperts clock back was a resounding success. The nice gentleman customer was very delighted with the end product that he would not let me leave! My friend Brian came with me on the trip to the lovely Belvoir vale and Mr A Reed kept us topped up with tea and cakes and stories of the old days on Lancaster bombers! # I climbed out of an unpleasant predicament regarding a clock service where the customer reneged on the deal. I just got a phone call saying they associated the clock with bad memories and left it to my possession instead of payment. So on eBay it went and it sold within one day for more than my initial fee with my customer! # I have comfortably retained/learnt the information in the 12 volumes of the BHI long distance course. I am not saying I could relate it verbaim from beginning to end but I have carefully gone through it and nothing now scares me. # I have made all the practical parts for the course, they just need a little fettling up. # I have serviced my first pocket watch. # I have now given little clock to my step-father. I made it for him. Due to time constraints the finalising of it is not as high standard as I stipulate on. But I can return to it later to give it that luster and shine. My step-father is happy with it anyway.

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