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Rachet click, spring and screw


Completed barrels and great wheels:


Barrels, end plates, slipwasher and rachet:


For the barrels I used 2″ drawn brass tube. 1 3/8″ long. Faced off nicely in the three jaw chuck.

The four endplates are out of 3/16″ sheet. All the centres are drilled and reamed to the 5/16″ for the arbors. Two of them will be the ratchets and are turned down to 2 1/8″ dia. The other two are 2 1/4 dia with a spigot turned to fit the barrel by using a mandrel in a collet. A spigot is also turned on the ratchet ends only 1/32″.
Next I groove/screw cut the barrels. Silver solder on the endplate, mount it back on the mandrel with the tailstock applying pressure in the endplate hole.
Set the lathe up to do 14 threads per inch and take very light cuts remembering backlash so you have to come out furthur (towards the tailstock) to keep on track.

Barrel arbors:

My barrel arbors are machined from 5/16″ dia silver steel. Again I fabricate. Each about 5″ long I turn down the small spigot 1/8″ at 1/4″ dia. Then the other end I turn down 1 1/2″ to 1/4 dia.
Then I make some steel shoulders. (note: make them extra large so its not too fiddly to braze. They can always be turned smaller later)
A groove needs to be cut with the parting-off tool for the slip washer. It’s all not too critical as the shoulder will soldered after the barrel, ratchet and endplate is mounted. Then I square off 7/8″ in a ‘roller filing rest’ in the lathe, using a division plate giving me four quarters. (pics attached).

Wheel, collet, arbor and pinion:


The going train


The mounted great wheels:

The screw cut:


Mounting the great wheels and going train:

Disassemble the chassis and put the two plates together in the register pins. Scribe out the positions for the great wheel arbors, at 2 1/4″ from the bottom and 1 9/16″ either side of the centre line. Drill and ream to fit.
Next depth the 96tooth great wheel to the centre wheel pinion on a simple homemade depthing tool. Scribe an arc across the centre line, drill and broach. Then depth the centre wheel to the Scape pinion and scribe that arc which will be 2 1/16″ furthur up the plate.

Division plate and lathe mod for roller filing rest